Wireless Charging

Our fast charging wireless charging pads allow you to set your device down and not worry about plugging in for a charge. Simply place your phone on the non-slip touch pad it automatically begins charging. With a sleek and elegant design and compact size, it takes away the need for cord clutter in your work and home spaces. It is travel-friendly and can easily fit in your travel bag.

Our wireless charging solution, which actually refers to inductive charging capability and has passed standards established by the Wireless Power Consortium (Qi).

Scorpion Air


Scorpion AIR is a 8,000mAh rechargeable battery. It contains built in Type C, Micro USB w/Lightning adaptor, and recharge cables. Scorpion Air is also able to charge your device wirelessly. Scorpion AIR has an additional 2 inputs allowing you to recharge Scorpion AIR 3 different ways.

Wireless Charging Pad


iWALK’s Universal wireless charging pad is compatible with both IOS and Android devices. At 7.5W/10W, it can achieve maximum wireless charging speeds. It has Qi inductive charging technology. Its power source is a detachable Micro-USB cable. It has an 8mm charging distance with a 75% conversion efficiency.



Happy Customers

“This is the only thing I use to charge my phone now! I can take it everywhere and I never worry about forgetting my cords. It was a life saver during my last vacation.”

Carol W.

“I ❤️ my iWalk Scorpion power pack. It will charge my phone several times before needing a recharge. But my favorite thing is I don’t need to bring a cord because this power pack has them included.”

Angie S.

“The Scorpion is the best battery pack around. Charged my Note 8 almost 3 full times on one charge and all the cables are built in to it so you don't have to carry cables.”

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